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Why Select Custom Closets over Wire Shelving

By , September 8th, 2012 | Closets | 0 Comments


People who have custom closets often wonder why someone would be satisfied with wire shelving. Obviously, it is a cheaper route to take but in the end is cheaper always better? To be honest wire shelving is adequate yet at the same time it is in a fixed hanging location and it has a fixed shelf. When compared to even the most standard closet organizational system you will have more flexibility. So, continue reading to find out why you should select custom closets over wire shelving.

Adjustable: By having adjustability available you will find that you are going to be able to be able to do more with the closet space that has been provided to you. This is something that is a big advantage to those who have small closets. A closet organization system will allow you to adjust your space so none of it goes wasted. So, when compared to using wire shelves you will find that you will be able to double the amount of space you have for storage.

Solid: The major downside of using wire is that it is not solid. However, when you use organizational systems you can have solid shelves.
Organized: As the name hints you will be able to have an organized closet. Every time you open your closet you are bound to feel great about yourself.
Beautiful: Custom closets are beautiful. It will make such a big difference and since it is custom you can have it designed to fit your needs.

Overall, the option of using wire is up to you yet it is guaranteed that once you have a custom closet wire will be the last thing on your mind.

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