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Custom Closet Storage Systems

By , September 22nd, 2012 | Closets | 0 Comments

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Many homeowners look for ways of improving their homes. Most find that closet space is simply not adequate and long for ways to improve upon what space is available. Custom closets provide this improvement. When you have a custom closet installed, it gives you much more functionality and organization and can add value and beauty to your home as well. Not everyone uses their closets in the same way so it simply makes sense that each homeowner will have different needs when it comes to closet space. Custom closets allow you to gain the storage function and organization that meets your unique needs.

You may have trouble determining just which custom closet is best for your specific needs. Understanding the advantages of these storage options will help you to know if a custom closet is right for your home. If you do decide that a custom closet is right for you, there are a few other considerations that you should keep in mind. First, look at the advantages of a custom closet:

  1. They can free up space – If your closet area is large enough to accommodate drawers for your folded clothing, you can free up space in your bedroom area by eliminating the need for a dresser.
  2. They give you maximum storage – Wasted space is a major problem in many households today. Custom closets help you to maximize the space that you have available and will help you to keep your storage more organized.
  3. They give you exactly what you need – Custom closets are built to your specific requirements. This means that your closet will be tailored to your space, budget and organization needs.
  4. They give you many options – Regarding design, you have a number of different options with custom closets. You can choose from various wood finishes as well as styles, accessories and other designs to help you to perfectly match your home’s décor and your personal style.
  5. They add to your home’s value – Adding custom closet storage system to your home will increase its value. This is a luxury that many homes do not have so if you ever decide to sell your home, this is something that will help you to get top dollar.


There are things that you need to consider when choosing a custom closet storage system. Here is a list of things to look for and what you should keep in mind when selecting your closet:

  • Your budget – Before you decide to add a custom closet, take note of how much you can afford to spend. This will help you to get the right closet system and ensure that you do not spend more than you can actually afford. Custom closet systems can range in price from just a few hundred dollars to several thousand. Knowing what you can spend before you choose a closet company will help you to stick within your budget.
  • They take time – Understand that a custom closet storage system cannot be built overnight. It will take a bit of time to get the measurements, budget the system and have it installed. The process can take anywhere from three to more than eight weeks to complete depending on your specific preferences and the company that you are working with.
  • Think about what you want – There are a number of options when it comes to closet storage systems. You should take a bit of time before you plan the installation to check out the options that are available. These options range from design to color, cabinets, materials, finishes, hardware, drawers and others. Take some time and look at a few pictures online to see what types are available. The company that you are working with will likely have pictures to share with you as well. These can help you to decide what specific design options you want and knowing what you want will help you to get a better overview of the cost and time involved in creating your custom closet system.

It is a good idea to take some time and look at the various designs and options that are available before you consult with a designer. Once you have a style direction that you like, it will make the process a bit easier when it comes to choosing the actual system that you will have installed.




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