How to Design a Closet

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When it comes to choosing design a closet, there are many things to consider. You want to ensure that the design you select will give you the function, organization and efficiency that you want while still fitting within your budget and matching the décor of your home as well as your personal style. Choosing the right design may not be easy, but it is completely possible if you keep a few things in mind when making that choice.
If you are planning to use a full service custom closet company to build your closet, your designer should be able to help you in choosing the design that best matches your needs and your personal preferences. You can help the process along by making a list of things that you like. Take some time to look over various designs and mark down anything that you see that you may want included in your design. This will come in handy when consulting with a designer about your closet.

If you are planning to build your custom closet yourself or you are purchasing the components online, there are things that you will want to think about before you make your purchase. You may want to make note of a few differences between the contemporary and traditional styles that are available so that you will know which design style best fits your needs and personal taste. Here is a look at the contemporary versus the traditional styles that can help you to determine which design is best suited for your home.


How to Design a Closet in Traditional Style

  • Traditional styles are the most popularly chosen today and work perfectly for traditionally decorated homes. They offer rich colors, classic lines and elegance. If you are looking for a closet system done in a dark mahogany or other dark color, you may want to take a look at various traditional styles.
  • Dark browns are great colors for traditional closet styles. You can also choose from a variety of elegant or conventional hardware options to give your closet a really traditional look. Think about the drawer handles and door knobs that you want. You can add various accessories like a sitting bench with a richly colored fabric to give the closet an even more traditional and elegant look. Be sure that you are maximizing space without adding too much. You certainly do not want your closet to be cluttered. The entire concept behind a custom closet system is to organize.
  • The details help to make the closet appear more traditional as well. Base and crown moulding as well as vertical fluting, valances, raise panels on the doors and drawers and other design aspects can make your closet seem graceful and elegant. Think about the overall design including all hardware and accessories when choosing the style for your closet.
  • Lighting fixtures can help with the traditional design as well. Think about hanging lamps or old-time lampshades on wall sconces to really give it a traditional look. Make sure that any lighting you choose does not interfere with your overall structure.
  • Traditional systems look best when they extend from the floor to the ceiling as opposed to systems that extend from the ceiling and are suspended. There are a number of traditional systems however that are suspended from the floor. You can get a better idea of what systems are available and how they look by doing a bit of online research and looking for pictures of traditional designs.

How to Design a Closet in a Modern or Contemporary style

  • The modern look is normally characterized by flat surfaces, clean lines and neutral colors. Think chrome or stainless steel for hardware and forget about ornate accessories. Modern custom closet systems are clean and sophisticated. You may want to consider integrating glass shelves or glass door panels to give your closet a really contemporary look and feel.
  • The design will include geometric shapes and parallel lines. You can use cubbies or drawer doors in various sizes and thing asymmetry if you really want a contemporary look.
  • Think about bold colors when designing a modern closet system. Track lighting is an excellent choice and bold colors for the various accessories will really give you that modern look.

Whichever custom closet system you feel is best for your personal tastes and home design, remember to have fun when you make your selection. There are literally hundreds of choices available to you and taking your time to consider them all may seem like quite a task but will ensure that you get the perfect closet for your unique needs and one that you will relish spending time in.



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